Nasir Perseveres 2: Power of the Mind

Nasir Hopewell has returned to help us all understand the importance of certain principles and concepts. The most important concept is the “Power of the human mind” which has the power to create and develop anything in the word literally. This book is created with a bigger vision in mind. That being the improvement of culture in America and throughout the world. It appears that we may have forgotten how great we can become if we simply quiet our mind, focus it and allow it to work to perform duties that we are created to fulfill. This book is a reminder to children, families, and communities that we have power, when we are in alignment with our higher self.
This book was also designed with the understanding that many of our communities are still very much impoverished and ridden with violence and crime. We not only need hope in our communities, but we also need tangible solutions. The idea is that young children and families will read Nasir Perseveres books and see themselves in these characters who are young black entrepreneurs that care for betterment of their families and communities.